Vestevo offers Life Insurance and Long Term Care Calculator tools which can aid in calculating any potential shortfall between your insurance policy’s benefits and your future needs.

Life Insurance Calculator

The life insurance calculator aids in determining future expenses if the client or their spouse passes away unexpectedly.

Once a plan has been created for a client, you can access the Life Insurance Calculator by navigating to the 'Plan Details' section and selecting the 'Insurance' tab.

From here, you will select the 'Life Insurance Calculator' button and can fill out the following fields:

Name: Indicate either the client, spouse or family member this calculation is for

Year of Death:  Enter the hypothetical year of death

The following fields will populate based on the Life Insurance policies and annual expenses you have entered into Vestevo for this client:

Expense Coverage:  Sum of remaining future goals and expenses after Year of Death

Current Death Benefit(s):  Death Benefit(s) of the in force Insurance Policy/Policies

Once you press calculate, the following field will populate:

GAP Needed: Insurance Needed = Expense Coverage - Current Death Benefit(s)


Long Term Care Insurance Calculator

The Long Term Care Insurance Calculator aids in determining LTC costs and incorporating them into your plans.

The Long Term Care Insurance Calculator (LTCIC) can be found directly under the previously mentioned Life Insurance Calculator. 

Once you select the LTCIC button, you will need to complete the following fields to calculate the estimated LTC expenses for your client:

Age (Year) Entering Facility:  Start of LTC

Facility Monthly Expense:  Value of monthly expenses at start of Age Entering Facility year

Inflation %:  Projected inflation of expenses

Year(s) of Care Needed:  Duration of LTC

Once you press calculate, the LTC Expense over Time chart will populate and you will receive the Total LTC Expense which equals to the sum of all years of care needed. You also have the option to add this expense directly to the plan.


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