When creating plans for your prospects and clients in Vestevo, you are able to add tax considerations to the plan. 

When you reach step five of plan creation, you will reach the following page which asks you to input the following information for your client:

  • Tax Filing Preference
  • Tax Deduction Preference 
  • State in which the client wishes to retire (this can differ from where they currently reside)



The next button 'Add Tax Option' will allow you to enter in any additional tax considerations for your client. You are also able to reference the correct ranges and values for these tax considerations in the Plan Settings section. See the Plan Settings article for more details.


Annual Tax Estimate and Tax Summary

Once the plan is created, you are able to view the Annual Tax Estimate and Tax Summary under the 'Taxes' tab of the plan.

Here you can see a breakdown of all applicable federal and state calculations. You are also able to change the year from the drop-down menu to see the calculations and summary for any given year within the plan. 



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