Cashflow Graph

Engage uses "Straight-line" analysis. Engage's Cashflow graph visually represents income and expenses over a given time interval. To access the Cashflow report, users need to navigate to "Clients" tab, click on the client name, click "Plans" and then the "Edit" (pen) icon next to the previously created plan:

Oct-30-2023 16-35-21.gif


Simply put, the Cashflow graph shows us how much income is needed vs our expenses at a given point in time. 

As shown in the above example, users are able to choose to include "Gross Distribution", "RMD"s and/or "Other income" when they are conducting an analysis against the "Expenses" (the latter remains static).

In our specific example, we can judge that our plan is doing great since our "Other Income" is exceeding our "Expenses". At the end of the plan, we are expecting $3,687,351, which can be found under the "Cumulative Wealth", based on all of the inputs we have populated while creating a plan

Annual Estimates (Expense, Income, Assets, Insurance & Tax) 

The "Plan Details" section allows users to project their annual estimates for their future expenses, incomes, assets, insurance and taxes. To do so, users can simply choose the year from the drop-down list:

Screen Shot 2023-10-30 at 4.42.51 PM.png





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